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Spanish School in Alicante
Tel:: +34 965 14 23 71
skypename: alicante.zadorspain
Spanish School in Vitoria
Tel:: +34 945 15 17 19
skypename: vitoria.zadorspain





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Free Spanish language resources: Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish proverbs and sayings, useful sentences, Spanish Alphabet, information about Spain, Autonomous Communities in Spain, Spanish city guides, tourist routes in Spain, traditional fiestas in Spain, Spanish recipes...

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Spanish school in Alicante
Spanish school in Vitoria

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Avenida Constitución 14
03002 Alicante
Tel/Fax +34-965-142371
Cercas Bajas 15
01001 Vitoria
Tel/Fax +34-945-234895